Recent Jobs

Moss Rock Retainer Wall Finished in April Sound

Another Moss Rock Retainer wall finished in April Sound here in Montgomery Texas. We initially met with the homeowner because the existing stones were old and outdated. We came up with a 1-3 column retainer wall with Moss Back Boulder Accents. We removed the old stones and disposed of them. We then ran a string level to set our first stone row. We hand chiseled the stones for that close gap fit that makes the stones look more professional. My crew and I also hand leveled each stone to double check our work. Upon completion we wash the stones off and pick up any debris from the project. If you need a quote for moss rock or boulders just give us a call!


Moss Rock Retainer Wall and Bullrock Dry Creek Bed

Needing to add instant curb appeal look no further than a new Moss Rock Retainer Wall complete with a Bullrock Dry Creek Bed. We took a tired builder-added flower bed and with our customers’ input created this custom designed bed. Notice the 450 lb. boulder accent with an aged moss touch. This is sure to make your new or old home feel more like an oasis. The dry creek bed is actually functional as well because it will help move unwanted water from your rain gutters. Here at Texas Landscape and Design we try and figure in all the variables so you can enjoy your new landscaping for many years.


Get a New Crushed Granite Pathway

Undecided on what to do with a trouble area or outdated dog run? Take a look at our crushed granite pathway complete with new St. Augustine sod. We take care of all the prep work including adding a 4 inch crushed concrete base to further stabilize the new pathway for high traffic demands. Installing a low key metal edging at ground level makes the new pathway look seamless as the path borders the new St. Augustine grass. Finally, we run a hand temp packer over the path several times while checking to make sure our walkway is level and sloping properly if drainage requires.


Complete New Landscape and Irrigation Design in the Conroe Texas Area

A landscape construction job photo after the initial prep was done. Texas Landscape and Design removed customers existing shrubs and grass. We then built up the beds with a quality compost blend of sand, manure and mulch to get beds ready for plants. Landscape fabric was then laid to help prevent future weeds from sprouts or being able to establish a root base. Finally, we add a beautiful single moss rock retainer wall with a few 400lb boulder accents. Not to mention a dry creek bed to help move the water from customers gutters with causing erosion to the new flower bed.

A finished landscape construction job photo with plants and new drip irrigation installed. Customer requested native plants that will not get overgrown over time. Some of the plants we used are Knock out Roses, Lantana and Bi color Iris grass. All plants were planted with a premium garden mix around the root ball which included 2 year aged leaf mold compost which will naturally feed the new plants longer than a standard granular fertilizer. This has a lesser environmental impact to your pets and other native animals. This project was presented to the customer with a color CAD drawing of the new landscape/irrigation design both promoting water conservation. Texas Landscape and Design believes everyone should do thier part to lessen the carbon footprint we all make.


Landscaping with Water Conservation in Mind

Our firm focuses on beautiful landscape designs that are easy to maintain and don’t require much water compared to traditional designs.  Here are some examples of recent water-friendly jobs we recently completed.




Complete Flowerbed Renovation In Woodforest Subdivision

Another complete flowerbed renovation completed in the new Woodforest Subdivision in Montgomery Texas. We met with the customer initially to see what could be done to dress up a basic builder installed landscape. Customer asked for a focal point to the water fountain as well. We came in with dwarf Azaleas and dwarf Nandenia to provide some good foliage that wont freeze back during our unpredictable winters. We then finished out with various grasses and Lantana to add color and accents. To provide our customer with curb appeal to the fountain we created a Bullrock Dry Creek Bed coming from behind the fountain with a micro Moss Rock Border. We finished it out with a 400lb Moss Back Boulder feature. With these improvements and a few others we gave the customer what they were looking for and have been recommended to other projects in the area. We specialize in new and old flower bed renovations with low maintenance plant installation followed by hardscape art.


Renovating An Existing Flowerbed

Renovating an existing flowerbed that was full of St. Augustine and a few tired old shrubs. We completely tilled area close to April Sound and added some Organic Leaf Compost Mix to help enrich the soil. We brought in Moss Rock Stackers to create a border for our new flower bed. We installed a Dry Creek Bed in front to cut down on the maintenance of cutting the grass. We placed two Moss Rock Boulders centered to create some curb appeal. Plants we used as follows: Lantana (purple and yellow), Knock Out Roses, and Iris Grass behind the Boulders. These few native plants will insure the customer has color throughout the majority of the year and will not overgrow the area . Commercial Landscape Fabric was used over entire area to ensure no future weeds would inhabit the newly designed flowerbed. The existing gutter was tied into a French Drainage pipe and ran out to side of the Moss Rock Retainer Wall to prevent future erosion problems.


Renovation Of Outdated Flowerbeds

A complete renovation of existing flower beds which were outdated and small. Along the front entrance we installed one of our favorite plant set ups which is a Moss Rock Boulder accent with Iris grass behind,Low Lying Juniper in the front and Lantana to the side for color. Liropie Grass was placed in front to act as a border. In the Front Curb Side Photo you will notice we installed a Large Moss Rock 1 Row Retainer Wall in Natural large/small formation. The bed was then raised in height to add definition and standout along the street for passing cars to view. We used native Yaupon to act as a privacy row along the middle and similar plant set ups featured in the Front Entrance Photo for color and curb appeal.


Retainer Wall Solves Erosion Problems

An existing home with erosion problems and gutter spickets creating exposed foundation problems. We installed an Antique Buff Pavestone Product which is commonly called Castlewall Stone. This stone features integrated lips along the underside to help keep the stone in place. We also tied in the gutters to French Drainage Pipe and ran it out along the bottom of the Retainer Wall as seen in the side photo. Customer’s front yard was very shaded so we installed an evergreen shrub call Chinese Mahonia that blooms a yellow flower and thrives in shaded areas. To step down the front row we installed Bulbine Grass along the stone border to add color and a unique look. Most grasses will do well in partial shaded areas. Along the side picture you will notice we installed Asian Jasmine to fill in and create a nice low maintenance ground cover. Customer requested we come back and install new St. Augustine for the front yard as well as a new sprinkler system. Both projects have been completed.


Beautiful Landscaping Added To Enhance Pool Area

A newly installed pool with no landscape backdrop. We tilled existing soil with a Aged Leaf Compost Mix to add nutrients to the existing soil. A backrow of Leather Leaf Viburnum was installed to give height and evergreen color. Frost Proof Gardenias were added to the second row in a staggered formation to add definition and color without too much height upon maturity. Finally, a curving row of Lantana was added for the front to offer a year round bloom for viewing. All plants used above are native and will provide years of viewing with less maintenance. Black Mulch was chosen to tie in the exotic look on the poolside.