Water Conservation Through Efficient Landscape Design

Water Conservation Through Efficient Landscape DesignWater Conservation Through Efficient Landscape DesignWater Conservation Through Efficient Landscape Design

We Specialize In Low Maintenance Landscape Design and Build

Water Conservation Through Efficient Landscape Design

Water Conservation Through Efficient Landscape DesignWater Conservation Through Efficient Landscape DesignWater Conservation Through Efficient Landscape Design

We Specialize In Low Maintenance Landscape Design and Build

About Us

Experienced and Creative Landscape Designers

  Texas Landscape and Design was founded in Montgomery, Texas back in 2006. Here at our company we focus on creating a functional design setup that can be enjoyed for many years. We can take a few measurements from your existing yard and create a full color CAD drawing to display our estimate in precise detail. The owner of Texas Landscape and Design is available throughout the entire process to make sure the project is tailored to fit the potential homeowners needs. This allows us to have quality control that is unmatched in the landscaping industry. Our reputation for providing great designs is of the utmost importance and we strive to exceed our customers expectations. We are a complete land design and renovation company specializing in custom flower bed install/renovation. We like to create low maintenance designs that have the potential for lowering our customers water bill. We focus on proper plant spacing as well so your new yard can be enjoyed for many years to come without the risk of plants outgrowing their designated space. We have a large portfolio available to help display our style to potential clients. The owner takes pride in all projects we our able to take on and is always on site ready to make changes on the fly to help customers get that custom design layout that fits their needs.


We Care About the Details

We bring together the right professionals and years of experience to provide you with the landscape and outdoor living areas of your dreams.  We design, install and build every project with highest detail and commitment to client satisfaction. Our landscape design and installation professionals can completely transform your landscape into a beautiful, vibrant space filled with bright colors, lush greenery and hardscape. 

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

We will give you an installation that fits perfectly with your home and we'll ensure that you are completely satisfied with our services. Our professionals make sure that the plants, trees, shrubs, ground cover, flowers and turf are appropriate for your outdoor space while giving you the look and feel that you want to create. We'll plant, install and build a landscape that creates a unique outdoor environment for your home.

Adjustment of your Lawn Sprinkler Controller

Texas weather is very unpredictable especially in recent years. You can come up with a pretty decent run time per zone by placing a container in a few spots on each sprinkler head designated area of coverage. You can then turn on the zone and calculate how long it takes to fill each container up with a minimum of 1 inch of water. This would be a good weekly water requirement for your 100 percent water percentage setting. Then from there you can use our monthly chart to adjust your water usage based on our calculated percentage amount for each month. The adjusted percentage takes into account things such as average rain fall and temperature per month to name a few. If you would like us to give out a price toadjust your controller, sprinklers or change out spray heads to further conserve water just give us a call. Also check out our favorite sprinkler heads - Hunter MP Rotator Nozzles with Hunter 4 inch Pop ups(PRS40). Their website is here. These heads will really help lower your water bill by applying water more efficiently than conventional sprinkler heads!


It's Winter Prep and Clean Up Time!

  Give us a call for winter prep and clean up. Now is a great time to add 4 inches of brown organic mulch to your existing flower beds. Brown mulch is not only aesthetically pleasing when freshly laid but can help prevent unwanted weed growth from getting established in your flower bed. The unexpected freezes we get this time a year can be harmful to new plants and delicate flowers. The freshly installed brown mulch will help regulate the plants' temperature when unexpected freezes happen. Mulch that has been aged roughly three months is able to do this because of the microbes decomposing the wood, giving off heat. The mulch will also help hold in moisture for your plants to absorb as needed at an ideal pace. 

Why Choose Us?


Beautiful Designs

Beautiful Designs

Beautiful Designs

We constantly strive to keep our designs low maintenance and promote water conservation.


Done Right!

Beautiful Designs

Beautiful Designs

The owner is on all job sites to make sure everything is done right.


No Hassle

Beautiful Designs

No Hassle

You'll save time and hassle by handing over your landscaping work to us.


Our Services

Locations We Serve

Locations We Serve

Landscape Design

Backyard Landscaping

Pool Side Landscape Design

Front Pathway Landscape Design & Install Services

Flowerbed Renovation

French Drains

Retainer Walls

Dry Creek Beds

Sprinkler Installation & Repair

We accept all major credit cards. 

Locations We Serve

Locations We Serve

Locations We Serve

The Woodlands




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Locations We Serve

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